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Release Date: Wed, March 6, 2013 at 7:37 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release brings only minor new functionality to the datatracker
(timezone indications on the html agenda, and an UTC version of the
html agenda), but it's important because it includes the secretariat
tools as part of the datatracker release and source repository, and
makes the test suite also run secretariat app tests.


  • Provides the html agenda for IETF meetings with local timezone indications,
    and adds a new html agenda with UTC timezone indications.

  • Merged in branch/amsl/trunkmerge@5449 from, with some
    tweaks. This provides the secretariat apps.

  • In order that document states (which may be used by old documents)
    should not need to be removed when state machines change and states go out
    of use, all document states have a used field. The code which accesses
    the state fields have not been requiring that used=True for the states
    returned, which is an error. Fixed this by adding used=True to all
    State.objects.get() and State.objects.filter() call where it's relevant.

  • Applied patch from for some email problems, see issues
    #949 and #877.

  • With RFC6410, there are only two RFC maturity levels, 'Proposed
    Standard' and Internet Standard. Added a mapping between 'Internet
    Standard' and slug std, to be able to process newer RFC info from the RFC