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Summary: IETF 86 Code Sprint
Release Date: Wed, March 13, 2013 at 6:26 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

From Jim Schaad

  • Working Group document page now allows for addition of documents to
    community lists.

  • Added new rules to the atom tracker for picking up documents in specific

  • Added new rules to the atom tracker for picking up RFCs

  • Changed the header fields on the RFC table so that they reflect RFC
    descriptions rather than I-D descriptions.

  • Increased the set of information being returned on the atom viewer to
    reflect IETF specific information.



  • Fixed the moderator package Conflict review text.

  • Added the document notification list to the destination email addresses
    when the document leaves IETF LC.

  • Repaired the ballot requirements string

  • Removed the Set all to not on agenda button, as it is never used.


  • Fixed formatting for history page. Relates to issue #210.

  • Added links to the session request page

  • Two changes: (1) searches by substring rather than begins with (to
    allow, e.g., searching by last name); and (2) limits results to 10 entries
    (to limit server load and limit effectiveness of email-scraping attacks)

  • Fixed agenda oscillation problem (removed scrollbars from iframe)


  • Added javascript functionality to make the UTC agenda convert it's UTC
    times to Browser local time.


  • Ticket #673: Add the ability for the secretariat to clear a ballot to
    the tracker


  • Checking for loss of comments when AD enters comments without changing
    state. Also modified the base css to have an unified errorlist format.


  • Some additional tweaks to the INSTALL text.

  • Added a note on secretariat releases. Reformatted to resolve rst
    markup mistakes -- $ rst2pdf INSTALL now works.

  • Ask people to use their account profile management form to add email
    addresses, instead of creating new accounts, on the create-account form.

  • Tweaked mergedevbranch to make the sprint merge/test cycle a little bit

  • Tweaked the code from [5518] to handle the case where a document
    doesn't have any state set yet.

  • Changed the community tool email notification code to not try to send
    to nobody, and to use individual To: addressing rather bulk Bcc: addressing.