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Release Date: Mon, April 15, 2013 at 10:49 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a combined bugfix and feature release. It provides improvements to
last-call messages, the display of document shepherd information, the
content of AD pages, IESG ballot information, and various forms; and it
fixes a number of bugs.


  • Merged [5600] and [5602]: Changed the header to last call messages to IETF
    Announce and to IANA to make replying to the announcement less likely to
    create an unnecessary ticket.

  • Merged [5569] and [5572]: Small fixes in 4.43 and showing the shepherd
    (when there is one) on search results, documents for this ad, and wg
    document lists. Fixes bug #972.

  • Merged [5570]: Moves the interface to edit shepherds and sheperd writeups
    out of the wgtracker interface and into the doc views (via idrfc). Added a
    little to the simple authorization code (can_edit) in idrfc. Added a way
    to reset the writeup to the current templates (leaving extension points to
    take templates for non-ietf stream documents). Fixes bug #967. (This also
    fixes tickets #834 and #691 (which were effectively duplicates of #967)

  • Merged [5595]: Tweaked the grouping code to not break documents of the
    same type up

  • Merged [5476]:

    • Added a document type for changing the publication status of other
      documents, and the UI for manipulating them.

    • Added charters, conflict reviews, and status changes to the AD's 'My
      Documents' page

    • Improved the presentation of all document types on the Agenda, Future
      Telechats, Scribe and Moderator package pages

    • Made the reverse name for document relationships explicit rather than
      deriving them from forward names

    • Added a way to get to the underlying Document (when it exists) from
      an RfcWrapper

    • Unified several common forms used by different document types


  • Changed which email addresses the submission tool uses for confirmation
    emails and sending out full submission status URLs from the emails found in
    the submitted document (which could be empty, broken, or intentionally
    different than the original authors) to the author emails from the previous
    version, where a previous version exists. This fixes breakage which can
    occur when no valid email addresses can be found in a broken submission,
    and also ensures that at least one of the authors of a previous version
    signs off on a new version, preventing submission hijacking.

  • Added a section to the meeting materials page for IAB sessions. Added a
    link bar at the top to make it easier to find sections like Training and

  • Don't list documents replaced by other documents in the IESG Status
    list at /idtracker/status/.

  • Fixed a bug which would set the state in the event accompanying a WG
    activation to Proposed, which messes up various views.

  • Add new tag rev-wg to the list of valid annotation tags for the ietf
    stream. Note: This list and those on nearby lines needs to be refactored
    into a table, instead of sitting in the code.

  • Added instructions on how to patch the production code (if necessary)
    to the INSTALL description.

  • Fixed rounding issue in IESG positions neded calculation. Fixes issue

  • Made agenda views with timezone information work also for earlier
    meetings (those without timezone data available).