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Summary: Shimfree Document Pages
Release Date: Tue, July 23, 2013 at 4:32 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release provides new shimfree code in /doc/ which replaces code mainly
from /idrfc/ and /idindex/. It comprises the first two code drops from the
shimfree project. There are also some additional functionality, as detailed

  • Added an index page at /help/state, listing the document states that
    have help information.

  • On request form the secretariat, added a note to the new I-D announcement
    messages about there being a couple of minutes delay between submission
    and the appearance of htmlized document and diff on the tools servers.

  • Merged in two huge chunks of shim-layer removals from,

    • Deleted dead code in many places.

    • Renamed id-something to draft-something, make the "is
      this eligible for expiration" logic clearer

    • Added a name for IPR search URL

    • Revamped the ballot popup view

    • URL reversed the IPR search link instead of hardcoding it

    • Cleaned up search views and remove dead code, port them to the new DB
      schema, hack related views in iesg/ and wginfo/ to use the new search
      interfaces, avoid camelCase in search GET parameters (with
      backwards-compat fallback), add some simple search unit tests, remove
      caching from index pages as they're now pretty fast to
      generate, rewrite ballot popup JS, regularize some CSS classes to use
      hyphen-notation rather than camelCase, move some of the search
      templates to doc/. idrfc/ now mostly contains some wrapper code still
      in use by other subdirs, some ported code not yet moved, and dead code.

    • Fixed output bug in test crawler and print referrer upon errors so it's
      easier to figure out where a link came from

    • Added /doc/in-last-call/ to crawler, report original page as referrer in
      a redirect chain rather than intermediate URL

    • Ported idindex to new schema, speed them up, add tests, refactor index
      page in views_search to share code with the text index file, get rid
      of some special-case idindex filters from ietf_filters, move
      "/drafts/" redirects to a file in /doc/

    • Ported /idtracker/status/ and /idtracker/status/last-call/ overview of
      drafts in IESG process to new schema in /doc/iesg/ and

    • Added redirects for all of /idtracker/*, removed all view code and other
      dead code from idtracker/

    • Removed the idtracker sitemap indexing drafts - in its current form,
      it adds nothing of value to the HTML-based /doc/all/ view, and it's
      pretty slow

    • Ported idtracker feeds to new schema, move them to doc/, cleaned up
      idtracker/ - only templatetags/ietf_filters and proxy code is left

    • Removed .related many to many relationship, it's not really useful
      since we always have to restrict on the relationship type anyway,
      instead add two helpers for doing the necessary queries (in both

    • Added migration for transforming the .desc on the new_revision events
      into something more akin to what is actually shown in the history page

    • Added migration for blanking IESG notes that just consist of "RFC
      XXXX", these have been superfluous for some time

    • Grant stream chairs access to changing the stream on a draft

    • Hacked the format_history_text filter to be less weird, using the same
      formatting for snippets and full text, also link up legacy ballot set

    • Moved the decoraters + utilities to new ietfauth/ file

    • Added simple helper to Email to identify invalid email addresses (from
      legacy author entries)

    • Used new new_revision .desc format for when drafts are submitted

    • Improved the looks of the button class by adding extra contrast and a
      linear gradient. Currently the gradient is only visible in fairly
      recent browsers.

    • Rewrote draft and RFC tabs in terms of the new schema, porting
      write-up and history tabs as well

    • Fixed two bugs in RFC Editor syncing: make sure documents we don't know
      beforehand get a "draft" type and make sure individually submitted
      drafts get the type="individ" group instead of NULL

    • Made the CSS-styled button feel a bit nicer to use by flattening the
      active state, also introduce some temporary styles until browsers
      catch up with the standard syntax

    • Added migrations for fixing 1) a dummy RFC entry, 2) three stand-alone
      RFCs that didn't get their doc.type set, 3) a big bunch of historic
      stand-alone RFCs that have - set these to the individual
      submission "none" group for the time being so the view code doesn't
      have to deal with a special case. In some cases this is wrong since
      there actually was a WG associated but unfortunately fixing them
      properly requires detective work (probably parsing the RFCs) and in at
      least some cases recreating historic WGs. In case someone ends up doing
      this, the documents to check can still be found with
      Document.objects.filter(name__startswith="rfc", group__type="individ")
      since there are almost no new RFCs that didn't went through the I-D

    • Merged the I-D and RFC views by showing I-D information on RFCs too.
      I-Ds that have been published as RFCs redirect to the RFC URL. Also
      support alias URLs so e.g. /doc/bcpXXXX redirects to /doc/rfcXXXX.

    • Fixed revision augmentation so events after RFC publication gets a "RFC"

    • Fixed a bug with tabs not using provided name but rather

    • Displaying draft-iesg state rather than doc.friendly_state as IESG state,
      also show a notice that the IESG state refers to post-RFC processing
      if it does, like the old separate RFC page did

    • Fixed the RFC number doc.note migration to catch combined "RFC XXX; BCP
      XXX" notes too, use the opportunity to remove inserted HTML tags from
      notes and rely on linebreaksbr filter instead (the other thing was a
      left-over from the Perl days), update the various uses of the note to
      reflect that

    • Refactored slightly to make independent of other idrfc code

    • Moveed idrfc/ to doc/ with associated templates, replace the
      somewhat fragile simple URL tests for with ordinary unit
      tests. The new tests are still fairly basic but at least test more
      than the URL tests did.

    • Made sure RFC's (and BCP/STD/FYI) are stored as RFC123 instead of
      RFC0123 in the alias table with a new migration and a change to the
      RFC Editor sync, this in turn makes /doc/std1/ do the right thing

    • Now /doc/std1/ works, we can actually do a local link in
      urlize_ietf_docs rather than linking to the server

    • Fixed history text formatter: sanitize HTML before adding linebreaks and
      non-breaking spaces, this cuts the time to render a history page with
      long comments in half

    • Added a test crawler that walks through the crawlable part of the site,
      reporting errors and slow pages

    • Got rid of initial "No record" positions when showing old positions,
      it's just noise

    • Added a .select_related() to the document main tab to reduce the number
      of DB queries, unfortunately it seems it doesn't really help with
      Django 1.2.x due to a bug (Document inherits from DocumentInfo which
      makes things a bit more complicated)

    • Introduced a simple cache in doc.get_state so repeated reads don't
      cause a DB query

    • Cleaned up the search code in preparation for removal of the shim-layer;
      use a static button and don't send extraneous GET parameters