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· 10252 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Mon, September 9, 2013 at 7:40 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Merged in personal/rjs/r6117-pubreq@6119:

    • Made Publication Request (for documents from IETF working groups) an
      explicit action rather than a side-effect.

    • Simplified the working group state edit form.

    • Added hints to the WG state edit form to use the document's main page to
      request publication.

    • If a document is moved into IESG processing directly by the secretariat or
      an AD (old processing path), set working group state accordingly.

  • Merged in branch/iola/shimfree@6083. This cleans up and moves relevant
    code from idrfc/ to doc/. There should now only be a bit of old wrapper
    code left in idrfc; that will go away when the remaining models which use
    it are cleaned up.

  • Fixed the command so it adds our own import path to the Python
    path automatically; people won't have to explicitly add pythonpath any

    $ PYTHONPATH=$PWD ietf/ ...

  • Applied a patch from to fix a line colouring bug in
    IPR lists.

  • Fixed a regression: wrong URL to IESG state diagram in state help. Fixes
    issue #1119.

  • Merged personal/rjs/v4.70@6042:

    • Made reporting IPR consistant across document searches, IPR
      searches, AD document queues, last calls, and agendas. All these points now
      report on the document(s) being directly queried, and the documents those
      transitively replace or obsolete.

    • Brought search results against WGs and document titles into
      consistency with results from searching for individual documents

    • Added the IPR count to the link on the documents main page (when
      not zero)

    • Built on Henrik's reimplementation of all_related_*, making the
      *related* functions return DocAlias? lists consistently, and added
      corresponding relations functions to get lists of actual RelatedDocument?

    • Added getting the DocAlias? with the same name to Document

    • Added getting related IPR disclosures (as described in the first
      bullet) to Document

    • Simplified ipr/

    • Removed the use of DraftLikeDocAlias? and IETFWG from
      ipr/ Retooled the various search functions and templates to use
      DocAlias? and IprDocAlias? directly.

    • Removed dead code from ipr/

    • Removed the special handling of WG 2000 from ipr/

    This fixes bug #1071

  • Fixed a regression in display of IESG state; added back substate
    information. Fixes issue #1117.

  • Added template rendering verification on dbtemplate form submission in
    order to catch errors in edited templates before they are committed. This
    should prevent server 500 errors when rendering dbtemplate pages. Fixes
    issue #1113.

  • Selectively removed the agenda and minutes warnings from the meeting
    materials page, for educational sessions where agenda and minutes aren't
    expected. Fixes issue #1115.

  • Changed the order of the files diffed in the draft diff links on the
    history page. Fixes issue #1114.

  • Added Auto-Submitted and Precedence header fields to outgoing email

  • Fixed a possible KeyError bug for a missing form field by.

  • Added code to expire last calls for statechg documents too (in addition
    to iesg drafts) with the expire-last-call script. Fixes issue #1092.

  • Added secretaries to those who are authorized to edit stream info for a

  • Added a penalty field to the ConstraintNames, for use in agenda

  • Refactored group membership code, adding advisors and liaisons to the
    membership list. Needed for the nomcom code.

  • Fixed the broken WG document list template (regression caused by the
    shimfree merge).

  • Fixed the red-on-red error message style which came in with the nomcom
    code merge.

  • Fixed the nomcom email pipe command to read from stdin if no file given,
    and give better error messages.

  • Added migrations which should have been part of release 4.70.