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· 9552 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Sun, February 16, 2014 at 6:36 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a bugfix release which collects a series of fixes and usability
tweaks from the last months.

  • Merged [7236] from
    Fixed Liaison Add CSRF token error and missing Post and Send button.
    Fixes ticket #1308.

  • Added a way to control the output of the url and template coverage tests,
    so they only will be run for verbosity greater than 1, which is controlled
    by the --verbosity switch.

  • Merged [7214] from
    Changeed old references to, to

  • Merged [7213] from
    Added a missing template for the secretariat apps: unauthorized.html.

  • Merged [7209] from
    Fixed a typo in secretariat drafts add().

  • Fixed a probem with wrong URLs in atom feeds, caused by caching. Fixes
    issue #1307.

  • Added a blank line before new session group in the text agenda, for

  • Added a secret key to for development use. NOT for
    production use; that needs to go in

  • Added a warning to the draft submission page about upcoming submission
    cut-offs. Added a value in for the number of days before the
    first cut-off to display the waring.

  • Updated the caching settings to use memcached in production.

  • Remove spurious yes in meeting requests page.

  • Merged [7215] from Use idnits on
    Fixes ticket #1200

  • Merged [7215] from
    Use idnits on Fixes ticket #1200

  • Merged [7212] from
    Removed the "Reason for (re)chartering" line from the charter main
    document page. Fixes bug #1294

  • Merged [7210] from
    Allow the IRTF Chair and the ISE to request a conflict review directly
    through the tracker. Notify the Secretariat when someone other than the
    secretariat initiates a conflict review. Notify IANA when anyone
    initiates a conflict review. Fixes tickets #1287 and #1289

  • Merged [7204] from
    Adds the IAB-parented sessions to the set of things returned as "areas"
    Fixes bug #1288

  • Merged [7077] from
    Returns "there are no ballots to view yet" rather than 404ing when the
    ballot link is followed for a document that exists. It is typical for
    last call to be issued (which includes a link to the ballot page) well in
    advance of creating any ballot for a document. Fixes bug 1233

  • Merged [7076] from
    Sets the State(type=draft) to Replaced when a document is replaced using
    views_draft.replaces. Sets the state back to Active or Expired when a
    document is no longer replaced by another document. Adds tests for the
    above functionality. Provides a patch to repair the state of documents
    pointed to by RelatedDocument(relationship__slug='replaces') objects
    created by views_draft.replaces before this fix. Fixes bug 1234

  • Merged [6361] from
    Allow the secretariat and ads to change the title of a status change
    document. Fixes bug 1141.
    Applied changes to adapt the code from Django 1.2 to 1.6: Provide a
    quoted string to {% url %} and use request.user.person instead of

  • Fixed problem with nomcom RST templates not being rendered under Django

  • Merged [6359] from
    Send email to the secretariat when a status change document is put
    directly into the last-call-requested state. Fixes bug 1139.

  • Added stream change and state change emails in adopt_draft() --
    otherwise we wouldn't have the state change emails assumed in the previous
    commit. See issue #1246.

  • Removed the extra (misleading) email about WG adoption which is sent
    out in addition to the state change emails when a call for addoption (WG)
    or adoption (RG) is done using the Adopt Draft in Group form. The state
    change messages should be sufficient, and are not misleading. Fixes issue
    #1246 (and 1290).

  • Handled the case in is_downref() where the src file doesn't have a
    std_level or intended_std_level set.

  • Modified ALLOWED_HOSTS to permit some (surprising) alternative
    HTTP_HOST names. Are these a result of queries proxied through other domains? The numerical address is the mail server address. We
    should find out why that appears, and see if it can be made to appear as instead.

  • Added Matt Larson to the release notification email address list.