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Summary: IETF 89 Code Sprint
Release Date: Wed, March 5, 2014 at 5:20 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains the datatracker bugfixes and enhancements from the
IETF-89 Code Sprint. Many thanks to everyone that contributed! There are
still some contributions from the sprint in the pipeline; they will be included
in later releases.

  • Merged in [7400] from
    Fixed bugs with decorators.check_permissions() to allow upload to top
    level groups, and fixed the plenary upload check.

  • Merged in [7398] from
    Added X-CSRFToken AJAX request header for certain /secr/ pages needing it.

  • Merged in [7397] from
    Fixed a bug where build_nonsession() not creating ScheduledSession

  • Merged in [7383] from
    Changes counting logic in ballots to use actual number of ADs.
    Causes ballot email to use utility to generate requirements text
    Fixes ticket #924

  • Merged in part of [7375] from
    Fixed missing mailto: addresses in the meeting requests page. Fixes issue

  • Merged in part of [7375] from
    Now sending draft update notices to IRSG for IRTF stream drafts. Fixes
    issue #1227.

  • Merged in [7396] and [7378] from
    Simplified clean_up_draft_files(). Removed references to old draft-archive
    subdirectories, and fixed for all RFC file types " Fixes ticket #1164

  • Merged in [7386] from
    Describe needed positions in document ballot mail.
    This uses doc.utils.needed_ballot_positions() to calculate what is needed.
    Fixes #924.

  • Merged in [7380] from
    Changed the URL for some acoount settings from /cookies to
    /account/settings. Fixes ticket #806

  • Merged in [7368] from
    Improves the detail in the messages sent when creating tickets about
    failed sent email. Changes a locally defined exception name to look less
    like one already defined in smtplib. This is related to ticket #1208.

  • Merged in [7365] from
    Improve handling of status-change relation form submission when conditions
    (such as not running javascript) lead to the POST missing required fields.

  • Merged in [7371] from
    Migration to repair missing StateDocEvents from wg chairs using the
    datatracker to request publication of ietf stream documents. Incremental
    improvement to the request publication view to create those StateDocEvents
    going forward. This is related to bug #1312