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Summary: Enhanced IPR Support
Release Date: Sun, December 21, 2014 at 9:33 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release provides work from which refactors and enhances
the IPR support in the datatracker. Here is an overview of the changes:

  • Updated and streamlined the database models representing IPR disclosures,
    and migrated existing data to the new models.

  • Added a new admin interface with better support for listing IPR
    disclosures and searching them.

  • Improved the Secretariat's navigation between IPR document views/search
    results and the administrative pages to edit IPR documents.

  • Introduced the ability for a disclosure submission to indicate it is
    updating more than one existing disclosure.

  • Improved the Secretariat's management interface for the 'Waiting for
    Approval' queue, and added the ability to park disclosures that are
    waiting for approval.

  • Added a Secretariat management interface for rejected and removed

  • Implemented simplified forms for Secretariat updates to a disclosure.

  • Added support for managing the email communication necessary for
    processing a submission.

The streamlined models and related coding decisions has resulted in a
reduction in the LOC (lines of code) count by about 2000 lines, at
the same time as the functionality has improved. Cool :-)