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Summary: Extended test coverage support, active email address fixups
Release Date: Wed, March 11, 2015 at 12:22 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a minor release which contains a number of bugfixes, and also
introduces additional test coverage measurements and support functionality.
It further contains two migrations which fixes a set of inactive email
addresses which most likely should have been active, and notifies the owners
about the change. This means that when running migrations as part of this
release, about 1000 notification emails will be sent out from the

Detailed changes:

  • Don't set email addresses which are created when a draft is submitted
    to inactive any more. We now have a primary field to indicate which
    email address is the primary one when a person has multiple registered
    addresses, so we don't have to rely on the timestamps on the email
    address objects to determine the primary address.

  • Added a migration which changes the active bit from False to True to
    all email addresses associated with active drafts, and sends out
    notification emails about this.

  • Added a managment command to show the difference in coverage data
    between the latest release and the latest test run, and a test for the same.

  • Added a login requirement for the full document and group email alias
    pages, but kept the individual group and document email-alias pages visible
    without login. Added testing of login redirects for the full email alias
    lists, and reordered the test sequence within the test methods

  • Made sure that Email.unicode() will return a string even if address
    is None. Fixes an exception on deleting an email address for a Person
    object in the admin interface.

  • Added per-app coverage measurements, to make the numbers shown when not
    running the full tests suite a bit more meaningful.

  • Changed the nomcom.forms.FullFeedbackFormSet to use
    modelformsets_factory() instead of direct subclassing, in order to avoid a
    crash when using the form, caused by a missing instance attribute.

  • Clarified the meaning of checked/unchecked boxes in front of the email
    addresses on the account profile management page.

  • Merged in [9143] from
    Add AG Secretary to Proceedings authorized roles.

  • Merged in [9142] from
    Avoid creating blank line before headers on IPR notification email.
    Fixes #1609.

  • Merged in [9141] from
    Fix ordering issue on agenda.html.

  • Added a new field primary to the Email model, added a matching
    migration, and a data migration to set primary fields to match the way a
    primary address is chosen today.

  • Added a migration which captures the changed information for the
    idsubmission-cutoff-related fields of Meeting.

  • Removed the obsolete field Group._ad, and added a migration for the

  • Added exception handling in tastypie for a case which can occur if one
    tries to filter by regex on a FK.

  • Turned the file into a module. Moved the makeresources
    management command to the api module. Added some api tests. Added
    crawling of api files to the test-crawler. Adjusted some resource files
    discovered by the test suite and test-crawler. Removed a bunch of empty
    model files.