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Release Date: Mon, October 27, 2014 at 6:15 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a minor bugfix release which empties the merge queue in preparation
for the IETF 91 code sprint. Details below:

  • Merged in [8456] from
    Fixed a bug when trying to edit a session request that doesn't exist.
    Fixed a bug when a submitted session request form does not include conflict
    input fields.

  • Merged in [8454] from
    Fixed the IRTF proceedings to include Open IRTF Meeting (irtfopen).

  • Merged in [8452] from
    Relax ALLOWED_HOSTS when not running in production. Fixes bug #1373.

  • Merged in [8444] from
    Fixed a condition check problem introduced with adjustments to setting the
    returning item bit. Fixes bug #1505.

  • Merged in [8441] from
    Removed the X-Frame-Options configuration.

  • Merged in [8438] from
    Better evaluation of whether a document type is diffable. Fixes bug #1504.

  • Merged in [8305] from
    Replaced the return_to_url notion with logic that uses the session object.
    Related to bug #1430.

  • Added to the release notification email. Split the
    notification email sending into two, in order to limit the number of
    addressees for emails going to Mailman lists.

  • Fixed a 500 error that could occur if someone manually entered a
    proceedings url so as to to upload materials to a nonexistent
    meeting/group combination.

  • Prevented 500 errors caused by a file move race condition on draft
    submission confirmation.