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Release Date: Mon, April 27, 2015 at 8:56 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a minor release, containing a few new development support features,
HTML cleanup, and good number bugfixes from,, and

  • Added html validation to the test crawler; it will now report html
    which fails validation with WARN indications. Reorganized the code
    somewhat, collecting functions, globals, etc. in groups.

  • Fixed all cases of invalid html found by the test crawler.

  • Reduced the padding for compact tables. This hopefully fixes issue

  • Addressed another bug related to using SearchablePersonsField to choose
    Person objects, rather than Email objects. If one uses this for Person
    objects, then object.address isn't going to be terribly useful in the form
    ,,:-). Addresses issue #1684, #1685 and #1686.

  • Provided the IRTF chair with access to the session request tool. Fixes
    issue #1687.

  • Removed emtpy items from the must-be-there list before handing the list
    to Person.objects.filter(pk__in=...). Fixes issues #1684, #1685

  • Merged in [9558] from
    Eliminated MultipleObjectsReturned when editing draft. Fixes issue #1678.

  • Merged in [9554] from
    Fixes #1692. Drag-and-Drop slide re-ordering no longer works in
    secr/proceedings. Consolidate / update JQuery-UI.

  • Merged in [9548] from
    Allow IANA to switch to (BEGIN IANA COMMENTS) at their leisure. Make
    sure the captured events are obviously from IANA.

  • Merged in [9546] from
    Fixes alignment of ballot position headers in IESG agenda moderator

  • Merged in [9541] and [9542] from
    Quit putting the group email list address in the initially generated
    Notify field. Updated the tests accordingly.

  • Merged in [9527] from
    Made it possible to add minutes / agenda after deleting them. Fixes issue

  • Updated a bunch of links from http: to https: based on a patch from

  • Merged in [9525] from
    Make the menu bar search field appear on slightly smaller screen widths.

  • Merged in [9524] from
    Add some shim js libraries for IE8 and earlier (see Fix HTML structural
    errors in the template. Wrap some HTML comments into Django comments, so
    they don't get sent to the client.

  • Merged in [9519] from
    Fixed an issue where RelatedObjectDoesNotExist would be raised when User
    has no Person. Fixes issue #1676.

  • Merged in [9518] from
    Allow an AD to jump straight to the ballot editing page by right-clicking
    any ballot grid. Fixes #1669.

  • Merged in [9516] from
    Don't show needed positions for closed ballots. Fixes #1622.

  • Merged in [9514] from
    If the name attached to an additional-info URL for a group is blank,
    show the URL instead. Fixes #1523 and #1657.

  • Merged in [9513] from
    Don't show concluded groups in the community list section of the
    navbar. Fixes bug #1652.

  • Removed local copies of html5lib and tastypie, and updated
    requirements.txt to include them. Removed typogrify from the requirements
    list; it isn't used.

  • Added pip and setuptools, required in virtualenv, to requirements.txt,
    in order to simplify buildbot testing of package installation and version

  • Added copyright lines and template origin to the html templates.

  • Added support for an origin template tag which will insert the name
    of the template file (within a html comment) into the page content when
    TEMPLATE_DEBUG is True; with the purpose of more easily being able to
    identify the templates from which page content comes.