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Summary: Review tool tickets roundup, part 1
Release Date: Tue, October 1, 2019 at 4:15 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release constitutes the first batch of fixes from the review tool
tickets work package. It also includes a few unrelated bugfixes.
From the commit log:

  • Merged in [16688] from
    When completing a review, show which addresses it is posted to.
    Fixes issue #2478.

  • Merged in [16680] from
    Made the review_completed mailtrigger configurable per team and review
    type. This includes a migration to change mailtrigger slugs to be up to
    64 characters instead of 32, as some slugs would not fit and require
    clunky abbreviations. A data migration creates triggers for existing
    teams, and they are also created on the fly if a trigger does not exist
    yet, providing a safe fallback for new review teams. The review_completed
    mailtrigger serves as the template for new triggers. This commit also
    includes tests for gather_address_lists(), as none existed.
    Fixes issue #2354.

  • Merged in [16672] from
    Use mailtriggers to find destinations in review app As the review app has
    several conditionals that don't fit entirely well within mailtriggers, the
    templates use a bit of extra context to figure out who exactly to include.
    This also extends the tests for review, to check for correct recipients.
    It also adds a tiny feature to mailtrigger to entirely exclude certain
    addresses, as required by the review-generated mails. Fixes issue #2328.

  • Merged in [16670] from Allow secretary to adjust date
    when completing a review. This also fixes other issues identified in
    #2590, around the modification of historical document events. The
    behaviour is now:

    • When the assigned reviewer posts a review, a single event is created,
      set to current date/time.

    • When the secretary records a review in the datatracker, they may set a
      different completion date, which is autofilled if an email is selected.
      One event is generated for the original completion date, and one for the
      secretary's action.

    • Each revision generates a new event, rather than updating previous
      existing events.

    Fixes issue #2590

  • Improved the wrapping of long lines in emails sent by the datatracker:
    In wordwrap(), consider lines consisting entirely of some non-alphanumeric
    characters like ---- or === to be block (paragraph) separators. Fixes
    issue #2806.

  • Merged in [16668] from
    Sort names alphabetically in review group history notes when changing the
    list of members. Fixes issue #2560

  • Removed debug-related code from group edit clean_acronym().
    Fixes issue #2804.

  • Merged in [16667] from
    Added an optional comment field for closing review requests.
    Fixes issue #2071

  • Updated the docker files to build and run an image based on devuan:ascii
    instead of debian:jessie.