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Summary: IETF 106 code sprint
Release Date: Thu, November 21, 2019 at 6:50 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains datatracker bug fixes and enhancements from the
IETF-106 Code Sprint. This sprint brought in new contributors, and saw
substantial work from previous contributors. Thanks to everyone who

  • Merged in [17062] from
    Change the default template for assigned review emails to name the
    assigned reviewer. Fixes #2830.

  • Merged in [17061] and [17024] from
    Allow slides drag-drop between sessions for groups meeting with
    multiple sessions. Fixes #2700.

  • Merged in [17044] from
    Make it clearer that a chair can't revise materials for a meeting once
    the proceedings deadline has passed. Fixes issue #2612.

  • Merged in [17037] from
    Added padding to the column in the unavailability period list of
    the reviewers page.

  • Merged in [17036] from
    Drop old slides section from agenda.json

  • Merged in [17035] from
    Improved performance for some agenda-related pages

  • Merged in [17034] from
    Added two new configuration settings for the review team secretary,
    one to set how many days to include in the reviewers list, and
    another one to limit the number of completed items in the list for
    each person. This version replaces the one I did earlier, and includes
    much more test cases to test different limits on the reviewers page.

  • Added an instance of force_text() to ensure non_ascii mail subjects are
    unicode when used for string interpolation, rather than bytes (which will
    trigger ascii decode()).

  • Merged in [17033] from
    Reviewers page template changes. Changed draft names so they never wrap.
    Changed the Unavailability period table so it is much narrower.

  • Merged in [17031] from
    Add edit button for Secreatriat on concluded groups. Fixes #2781.

  • RFCs with inline errata now have a non-beta URL. Updated the setting.

  • Merged in [17028] from
    Added a Closing note field to state specific WG edit. Fixes #2779.

  • Merged in [17027] from
    Fix issue where draft resurrect feature does not move most recent draft
    file from the archive directory back to the current draft directory. Fixes

  • Tweaked to create a needed GID entry before using it
    when creating a new user. Fixes an issue when the user GID in the
    host OS is missing in the docker image.

  • Added fullcalendar to the bower.json file.

  • Changed the call arguments for submission tool conversion from XML to
    v3 text to match those of the standalone tool. Fixes an issue where
    would have line ends stripped when converted by the datatracker.

  • Tweaked a test's person name form to match the usage in the tested code.

  • Fixed naming of staged xml draft submission files and tweaked the
    arguments for the xml2rfc parser invocation for xml draft submissions.
    Added some more logging.