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Release Date: Wed, November 27, 2019 at 11:04 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Review tool tickets roundup, part 6; and other fixes

This provides more review tool fixes, and clears the slate for an upcoming
branch merge. From the commit log:

  • Merged in [17085] from
    Notify secretary when a review request is closed. The assigned reviewer
    was already notified, but secretaries were always excluded.
    Fixes issue #2278

  • When group secretary email addresses occurred in some mailtrigger To:
    entries, they were given with both name and address parts, while when
    occurring in Cc: entries, no name parts were present. Fixed one case of
    this related to current review tool changes, and adjusted a test case for
    consistency. Also added a general utility function to exclude selected
    email addresses from email address lists.

  • Added support for bibxml3 entries using the traditional reference entry
    name (using reference.I-D....), instead of just the plain draft name.

  • Merged in [17070] from
    Improved complete review workflow for secretaries. When a secretary
    completes a review, link to a review message is automatically selected,
    and the first non-reply mail is used to fill in the review details. The
    secretary can still modify all details. The order of fields for
    secretaries is also modified to fit this workflow. All cases where 'link
    to review message' is used, by reviewers or secretaries, now attempt to
    fill in the reviewed version if found in the email subject.
    Fixes issue #2061.

  • Merged in [17069] from
    Added history for assignments, requests and unavailability.
    Fixes issues #2074 and #2358.

  • Added a test for bibtex page content-type.

  • Fixed an incorrect content_type.

  • Merged in [17097] from
    Removed unreachable assertion from slide reordering utility function.

  • Merged in [17090] from
    Added pages to assignment email. Fixes #2838.

  • Merged in [17083] from
    Moved hard coded defaults for max items to show and days to show to the

  • Merged in [17071] from
    Use explicitly now that name is no lonker the pk. Pointed out
    by Sasha in #2050.