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Release Date: Sat, March 7, 2020 at 10:55 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Submission API changes, Py2/3 transition fixes

  • Added the ability to use the submission API with active secondary account
    email addresses. Fixes issue #2639.

  • Tweaked the ReviewAssignmentAdmin, adding a raw_id_field.

  • Replaced most cases of using of urlopen(), instead using the higher-level
    requests module where it simplifies the code.

  • Added a data migration to fix up incorrect external URLs to mailarchive.

  • Fixed a Py2/3 issue with review.mailarchive.construct_query_url().

  • Renamed a migration to conform to migration naming conventions, using
    underscores instead of dashes in the name.

  • Py2/3 compatibility tweaks for pyflakes.

  • Changed some cases of urlopen() to use requests.get()

  • Python3 is more ticklish about comparing strings to None than Py2. Fixed
    an issue with this in generate_sort_key() for document searches.

  • Fixed a Py2/3 issue in the pyflakes management command, and tweaked the
    verbose output format.

  • Merged back production changes to two scripts indirectly called by
    /a/www/www6s/scripts/run-ietf-report, through

  • Changed the release script to not pick up other email addresses than those
    of contributors from the release notes.

  • Tweaked the check_referential_integrity management command verbose output.