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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 2350 commits to main since this release
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Summary: Tweaks for wholly virtual meeting, for IETF-107
Release Date: Fri, March 13, 2020 at 2:48 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Added code to show a webex call-in button on the agenda page if the session
    agenda-note contains and IETF webex URL.

  • Merged in [17425] from Make required AD approval of
    virtual interims configurable. Fixes #2912.

  • Added a management command to check draft event revision numbers. To be
    extended for other checks.

  • Merged in [17419] from Don't warn about idcutoff
    when the cutoff is after the meeting starts. Fixes #2907.

  • Merged in [17418] from Correctly represent cancelled
    sessions in ics files. Fixes #2905.

  • Merged in [17396] from Move charters for replaced
    groups to a new replaced state. Close any outstanding ballots on them.
    Fixes #2889, #2873, and #1286.

  • Avoid trying to open meeting documents with empty .uploaded_filename.

  • Added a progress bar for verbosity=1 of the community list index update

  • Merged back fixes from production

  • Corrected the extent of a try/except block, moving more code inside the
    block. Fixes a submission exception that should just be a document error
    reported back to the user.

  • Added a guard against accessing attributes of None.