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Summary: IETF 107 code sprint
Release Date: Tue, March 24, 2020 at 5:53 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains datatracker bug fixes and enhancements from the
IETF-107 Code Sprint, our first virtual code sprint. It was a different
experience, and enjoyable despite not getting to sit down with a beer
together afterwards. A lot of good contributions were made; Thanks to
everyone who contributed!

  • Merged in [17496] from
    Remove the rest of the log.assertions checking that iesg_state existed in
    places we expected it to. Removed unnecessary imports.

  • Changed the page for upcoming meetings to show the current IETF meeting
    for 7 days from its start date, while interims are shown for today and
    forward. Also changed the upcoming.ics calendar to show future sessions,
    even if the meeting to which they belong started in the past. This
    improves on [17518].

  • Changed the starting point of display of upcoming meetings to be 7 days
    before today, rather than today, to let meetings linger a bit in the
    listing and iCalendar file after the meeting has started. Triggered by an
    observation from about IETF 107 sessions disappearing
    from upcoming.ics on meeting week Monday.

  • Merged in [17495] from
    Removes a log.assertion() that was checking that we covered the edges when
    we changed documents to always have an iesg state.

  • Merged in [17494] from
    Use current email addresses when we have them when listing document
    authors. Fixes #1902.

  • Merged in [17493] from
    Changed awkward IESG/IAB Nominating Committee names to just NomCom,
    updated a ref. Fixes #2860.

  • Merged in [17492] from
    On session request form, made the Special Requests field smaller and
    display 200 character limit. Fixes #2875.

  • Merged in [17491] from
    Prevent use of capital letters in group acronym. Fixes #2709.

  • Merged in [17490] from
    Basic regex validation on community rule entry form. Fixes #2928.

  • Merged in [17489] from
    Removed redundant URL secr/groups/search because search page is
    available here secr/groups. Resolves issue with Add link. Fixes #2708.

  • Merged in [17488] from
    Removed the drafts secretariat tool because this functionality is now
    provided by the core Datatracker. Moved ID reports to proceedings tool.
    Fixes #1655.

  • Merged in [17487] from
    Let chairs know what to do after material submission uploads have been
    cut off. Fixes #2887.

  • Merged in [17486] from
    Added docker/run modifications to support Cygwin.

  • Merged in [17484] from
    When requesting a new WG session, and retrieving information about the
    previous session, look back to the previous time the group met, instead of
    simply checking the previous IETF meeting and maybe not finding any
    information to retrieve.

  • Merged in [17483] from
    Changed things so that only WGs/RGs can be closed, per RJS. Fixes #1578.

  • Merged in [17466] from
    Added a migration to cancel 107 sessions

  • Added a check to see if any files matching the submitted draft name and
    revision already exists on disk in the active drafts or archived drafts
    directories, and if so reject the submission. Fixes issue #2908

  • Made sure to strip possible mail header field values of whitespace
    before applying email.utils.unquite(). Resolution by,
    Fixes issue #2899.

  • Merged in [17480] from
    Show UTC times in interim announcements if the interim has a non-UTC
    timzone. Fixes #2922.