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Summary: Fixes for meeting-related issues
Release Date: Fri, March 27, 2020 at 2:27 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Merged in [17543] from
    Repaired construction of group_hierarchy used for the customisation
    controls at /meeting/upcoming. Fixes #2940.

  • Merged in [17542] from
    Show calendar entries on /meeting/upcoming in utc. Show end times.
    Partially addresses #2936.

  • Don't show agenda buttons for Meetecho recordings (after the session
    concludes) if there isn't a Meetecho UrlResource. Fixes issue #2934

  • Merged in [17538] from
    Allow an out-of-area AD assigned as the AD for a WG to approve interim
    requests for that WG. Fixes #2930.

  • Changed the object factory instances of nomcom private key and cert to
    be byte objects (matching the production settings), and fixed the issue
    with nomcom key handling under Py3 found by Did
    some renaming in nomcom/ to better match setup/teardown function
    names to functionality.

  • Merged in [17521] from
    Improve performance of log.assertion() and log.unreachable()

  • Merged in [17505] from
    Improve performance of many document list pages