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Summary: Bugfixes
Release Date: Wed, May 6, 2020 at 1:30 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Merged in [17711] from
    Turned autoescape off for another email fragment template (production
    database has also been changed). This fixes an issue where
    test_assign_reviewer() would sometimes fail due to html-escaped characters
    in email text.

  • Merged in [17725] from
    Add help text strongly encouraging always having a conference link in
    any interim request. Fixes #2973.

  • Merged in [17724] from
    Use normal material management permissions for uploading bluesheets.
    Fixes #2975.

  • Merged in [17723] from
    Stop requiring AD approval of virtual interims. Fixes #2972.

  • Merged in [17712] from
    Add a webcal link to /meetings/upcoming. Partially addresses #2971.
    Adding this to the main agenda page will require some js juggling, and I
    think getting some runtime with it first to make sure it is what we want
    makes sense.

  • Merged in [17709] from
    Modified the last-call announcement template, at the IESG's request,
    removing the link to documment's ballot (which may not exist at the time
    last-call goes out). Fixes #2967.

  • Merged in [17708] from
    Remove point raised - writup needed from the set of substates the
    IESG can use with a document. Fixes #2968.

  • Added a first iteration of /meeting/upcoming.json for Meetecho use,
    with the expectation that buildout and tweaks may be required.

  • Limited the data for New draft revisions over time on the personal
    profile page to type='draft'. This fixes an issue where other document
    types, for instance reviews, would be counted.