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Summary: Interim meeting management
Release Date: Tue, June 21, 2016 at 7:15 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release adds support for management of Interim Meetings by merging in
^/branch/amsl/interim/6.21.0 from ADs and chairs can
request virtual or in person meetings. Authorized users have access to
views for approval, scheduling and notification of interim meetings. Users
can view a sortable / filterable list of upcoming meetings and download
iCalendar files. For complete details see here the statement of work:

There are also some unrelated minor tweaks, as part of this release:

  • Added a score of setting save/restores to test setup/teardown actions.

  • Tweaked the test crawler a bit to skip some slow and meaningless checks.

  • Updated docker/

  • Avoid multiple doctype declarations and other html errors by parsing
    sesion agenda html files and inserting our title and doctype.

  • Added caching to some meeting methods which are called multiple times
    when generating the IETF agenda.

  • Fixed a bug in find-history-replacement-active-at() where multiple
    history entries with the same timestamp would be unordered. This led to
    the wrong historic group info being shown in some cases (e.g.,
    meeting/86/agenda would show dmmnew instead of dmm, leading to wrong agenda

  • Tweaked the styling of meeting rows to avoid wrapping the interim
    meeting names, and added meeting links for the IETF meetings.

  • Moved a check for session data being present up to before we try to use it
    in announcement.views.confirm(), fixing a server 500 error.