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· 6841 commits to main since this release
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Summary: Enhanced testing
Release Date: Tue, June 28, 2016 at 8:50 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release brings in added tests for template parsing and checking the
correspondence between the dynamic and static resources that templates
reference, and the url patterns and static resources that are actually
available. It makes the test coverage figures more consistent across test
runs, checks for proper cache functioning, and adds functionality to the
coverage_changes management command. It also fixes a number of bugs for
issues found as a result of the improved testing. Finally, it changes to
memory-based session storage, instead of database-based.

Excerpt from the commit log:

  • Added 3 tests which checks 1) that all templates can be parsed and
    loaded, 2) that url template-tags refer to an urlconf callback that exists,
    and 3) that static template-tags resolve to urls that work. This was
    prompted by some 500 errors earlier which weren't caught by existing texts.

  • Cached the list of template paths in so we can call it
    multiple times cheaply.

  • Merged in [11479] from
    Remove references to non-existent views from templates.

  • Fixed some missing and mistyped web assets found with

  • Fixed a place where a logged-in user without associcated Person would
    cause a 500 instead of 403.

  • Added settings to use the cache back-end for sessions. Separated out
    the preference cookie age from the session age. Made the session age
    refresh on each access, and set the session timeout to 4 weeks of no access.

  • Refactored the code to skip coverage testing a bit, and added skipping
    of template and url coverage.

  • Added a production-mode check to verify that the cache is functioning
    as expected.

  • Added missing right-angle for a div. Made some form elements initially
    display: none in order to avoid elements jumping around on initial form
    rendering. Fixed alignment of Submit and Back buttons, by proper nesting
    and col-md- class.

  • Added a banner on top of the agenda view of unofficial agendas (which
    now work) indicating that it's not the official agenda.

  • Added an optional parameter owner to meeting.views.agenda(). Fixed
    issues #1959 and #1615

  • Fixed a buggy urlpattern regexp which would eat up the last character
    in an url if not given an extension.

  • Added the ability to list absolute coverage data, not only show
    relative differences, to the coverage_changes management command.

  • Added to PLAN: lift in draft htmlization lib from

  • Added a check for the phantomjs binary to the skip-selenium tests in
    ietf/meeting/, in order to be able to add selenium to
    requirements.txt. This will make the selenium tests run if phantomjs is
    available on the system, without manually having to install the selenium
    module. This should make the buildbot run the selenium tests, too.

  • Tweaked the release page a bit, fixing vertical alignment of revision
    comments when breaking across lines, comment appearance on iPads, and
    introducing striped tables.

  • Changed the code test coverage checking to never register coverage
    counts for tests that are sometimes skipped. Removed now unwanted skip
    settings from the releasetest settings.

  • Removed dead templates.

  • Removed dead code.

  • Language tweaks