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Summary: Floor plan enhancements
Release Date: Sun, July 10, 2016 at 4:07 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release builds on 6.26.0 to provide enhanced floor plan and room
location functionality. The room names on the agenda now link to the
datatracker floor plan with a blinking arrow showing the room location on
the floor plan, just as on Tony Hansen's floor plans on The
floor plan page shifts to the correct floor when showing a room location.
The floor plan page now lists functional names, in addition to room names.
Both floor plans and blinking arrows now adapt to various screen sizes, and
should be functional on smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

There are also some bug fixes and enhancements unrelated to the floor plans:

  • Fixed various issues with the interim approval request email text when
    used for non-WG groups (RGs, for instance). Added supporting template
    filter functions. Related to issues #1979 and #1980.

  • Modified the Alias test-data factory to work around a problem with the
    backend collapsing aliases with accented and unaccented versions of the
    same name.

  • Added a verbose_name attribute to the GroupTypeName table, with
    updated admin and a data migration to provide verbose group names.

  • Added support in the interim meeting request form for taking a group id
    parameter as query arg.

  • Replaced the hardcoded Area Director approval role in the interim
    approval notification email text with a group-dependent list of approval
    roles. Fixes issue #1980.

  • Pre-filled the group choice in the interim meeting request form when
    linked from a button in the group's meeting tab.

  • Split up the action buttons on the group meeing tab to put buttons after
    the close group button on a new line. Added an interim meeting request

  • Modified the interim announcement text to be less rude if remote
    participation isn't supported. Fixes issue #1979.

  • Merged in [11530] from
    Adds a publisher to the digital preservation feed.