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Summary: Active area, directorate, team, and area group pages
Release Date: Sat, August 1, 2015 at 2:52 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release provides new group overview pages for active areas, area
groups, teams, and directorates. It also improves the error reporting when
drafts are submitted with invalid XML, providing line numbers and specifics
for the issues found. Additionally, there are a few bug fixes.

  • Merged in [9924] from
    Added views of active areas, area groups, teams, and directorates. Added
    navigation to those views to the base menus. Unified the URL patterns
    shared between group/urls and group/urls_info, exposing the same view at,
    e.g., /group/stir and /wg/stir/. Improved testing, primarily of

  • Merged in [9901] from
    Fixed matching audio file names with rooms.

  • Provided a document's rfc number (if any) as part of the document fields
    exposed in the json api.

  • Changed the code for meta-data extraction from xml files to not break
    if a sought-after element is missing.

  • Updated the meta-data error message to say errors ... below instead of
    errors ... above, to match the relative placement of text and error

  • Improved the error reporting for invalid xml file submissions.

  • Improved the handling of failed xml2rfc conversions when no txt document
    is submitted.