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Release Date: Wed, August 31, 2016 at 2:20 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release adds more proceedings generation functionality, adds slide
ordering for session materials, adds caching for the json export for the
IETFers iOS app, tweaks some fonts, and fixes a number of bugs:

  • Fixed a number of places where events were given the document time, but
    the document had not been given a new time yet, after the eventsave
    refactoring code changes of [11841]. Fixes issue #2004.

  • Updated the zone information files used by the datatracker when generating
    iCalendar content.

  • Merged in [11891] from Modified agenda.json to
    properly handle meetings that do not have an agenda yet. Fixes #2003.

  • Merged in [11890] from Modified the monthly progress
    report script to deal with unicode characters in document titles.

  • Merged in [11889] from Strip .py extension of report
    scripts to match the rest. Add svn:executable to scripts that were
    missing it.

  • Added page caching for json_agenda(). Changed localization of naive time
    from database in json_agenda to use settings.PRODUCTION_TIMEZONE.

  • Merged in [11888] from Added an order field to
    sessionpresentation to allow ordering slides. Reworked the session
    details page to break slides and drafts into their own sections.

  • Added handling for an exception which could occur for charter documents
    which does not have a matching chartered group.

  • Merged in [11877] from Copy group chairs on
    confirmation email when a new group document revision is submitted that
    changes the author set. Fixes #1998.

  • Styled the textarea of the charter form to use a monospaced font.
    Corrected the monospace font selection for the dbtemplate textarea.

  • Merged in [11859] from Put WG summary information on
    the rechartering page. Fixes #2000.

  • Merged in [11856] from rcross@amslcom: Added a missing meeting fixture.

  • Merged in [11850] from rcross@amslcom: Added support for the IETF Overview
    for the proceedings, including an editable database-stored template;
    completed tests and migrations.

  • Merged in [11855] from Updated the instructions page
    for the submit tool to reflect what currently happens.

  • Merged in [11849] from Fixed a bug with main
    secr/proceedings page and added a test.