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Summary: New proceedings page improvements
Release Date: Mon, October 17, 2016 at 6:17 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release brings incremental improvements to the new proceedings pages;
in particular it adds proceeding introductionary pages: Progress Report and
Attendees. It also fixes a large number of bugs and issues, and adds some
performance improvements for the secretariat's schedule layout view, and for
the IETFers app support view.

Details from the commit log:

  • Modified a test in upcoming_ical() to not break if a group does not
    have a parent. Fixes a server 500 error.

  • Merged in ^/branch/proceedings/6.33.1.dev0@12141 from
    Added meeting proceedings introduction pages: Progress Report and
    Attendees. Added a data migration to provide proceedings introduction
    information for IETF 95 and 96.

  • Merged in [12132] from
    Extended Liaison to_contacts field to 2000 characters. Fixes #2024.

  • Reverted one instance of caching, as it seems schedules can change

  • Fixed a schedule save-as redirect which could not match any URL,
    leading to a 500 error.

  • Added some caching to methods which are called very often when showing
    the meeting schedule edit view.

  • Merged in [12104] from
    Don't show the request publication button for ise,irtf, and iab drafts
    after publication has already been requested. Fixes #2019.

  • The db api prefers resource URIs ending in slash -- make it so in

  • Changed another class name that might trigger adblock. Related to
    issues #2016 and #2027.

  • Changed an unfortunate html class name adname (Area Director name)
    which triggered adblock. Fixes issues #2016 and #2027.

  • Fixed room_name() to not fail when a timeslot has no location. Fixes a
    server 500 for agenda.json

  • Updated the requirements to exclude PyQuery 1.2.14. PyQuery 1.2.14 fails
    on some selectors we use (in particular, line 1370 (action = ...) in
    submit.tests.do_submission_email() fails).

  • Added the first stab at a helper script for setting up a minimal test
    environment on a new host.

  • Merged in [12099] from
    Changed interim announcements and interim cancellation announcements to
    use mailtriggers. Added irtf-announce to announcements for IRTF groups.
    Fixes #2018.

  • Added a migration to remove most of the duplicate Upload doc events.

  • When converting submission events to doc events, post them in
    chronological order. Don't add upload doc events until we're past the
    possibility of submission cancellation.

  • Merged in [12082] from
    Fixed an issue where interim meeting request form didn't list research
    groups when the logged-in user was both a working group chair and a
    research group chair.

  • Made it possible to merge nominations with inactive email addresses.
    By default the SearchableEmail form field only displays active email
    addresses, but this use case needs all known email addresses.

  • Fixed inclusion of tablesorter css and js for use when displaying the
    SQL query list in development mode.

  • Added admin support for the DocumentAuthor model.

  • Fixed a place where email addresses which were not all lowercase could
    slip in, which messed up some reverse table relationships. (This was
    found by running our check_referential_integrity management command.)

  • Fixed a problem with the error message text for the nominee email edit