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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 6324 commits to main since this release
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Summary: Trac wiki and issue tracker support
Release Date: Fri, October 21, 2016 at 3:14 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release introduces a management command which will create new instances
of Trac pages when new WGs, RGs, and Area groups are created, and also keep
the admin permissions and issue tracker component updated with the group
chair/secretaries and the groups documents. Once existing wikis have been
moved from, the management will be added to cron to be run

The installation procedure changes slightly with this release, because we
need to be able to use the system-installed subversion bindings for python.
When running under virtualenv, it now has to be created like this::

6.36.0 $ virtualenv --system-site-packages env

There are also some bugfixes. From the commit log:

  • Fixed a bug in the API cache key construction which could make the key
    longer than necessary.

  • Added a test for meeting agenda in UTC

  • Removed some dead code.

  • Fixed the javascript code in the floor-plan template that adds room
    links. It didn't handle rooms without assinged floor-plans well.

  • Merged in a management command which provides glue code for creation
    and maintenance of Trac issue tracker and wiki installations per group.
    New groups of type wg, rg, and area will autmatically receive a Trac

  • Fixed a bug in testing for directory existence in the test setup.

  • Make sure that the svn component is enabled in the Trac config file, even
    if we can't find the Trac inherit-from settings file.

  • Made the wiki glue test skippable, in case the python subversion bindings
    are unavailable. Added creation of temporary directories also for the svn
    repositores created for wikis during testing.

  • Make sure to not include draft name in the title extracted from draft
    text. Fixes a problem with bad info in 1id-abstracts.txt