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Summary: Review tool enhancements and Django 1.8 adaptations
Release Date: Thu, December 22, 2016 at 10:08 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a bugfix/enhancement release focused on addressing feedback on the
recently introduced review management functionality and doing further
adaptations to the Django 1.8 framework.

From the commit log:

  • Merged in [12606] from
    Tweaked the docevent description for the event noting that a chartering
    effort has been abandoned. Fixes #2099.

  • Merged in [12596] from
    Show other completed reviews of a document on page showing the status of a
    review request. Fixes #2083.

  • Merged in [12595] from
    Improved the team review content templates. Related to #2075.

  • Merged in [12594] from
    Provided templates for directly entered review contents for those
    teams/review-types that have them. Fixes #2075.

  • Merged in [12593] from
    Send mail to team secretaries when a review is explicitly requested.
    Changed the From and Subject for assignment emails to reviewers to make it
    clearer what the review is for and who assigned it. Fixes #2053 and #2114.

  • Merged in [12589] from
    Show additional details about a review request when completing it.
    Fixes #2112.

  • Merged in [12588] from
    Changed how we display review text to follow the tecnique used with other
    large blocks of pasted or imported text (shepherds writeups for instance).
    Fixes #2104.

  • Fixed some pyflakes and form initialization issues with the upgrade to

  • Extended the form fields used for duration to accept additional formats,
    including formats the secretariat are currently using, in order to avoid
    UI trouble with the TimedeltaField --> DurationField transition.

  • Upgraded custom TimedeltaFields to use the builtin DurationField from
    Django 1.8, and adjusted forms and initialization values accordingly.

  • Merged in [12521] and [12540] from
    Removed classes obviated in r12520.