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Summary: IETF 98 code sprint release 2
Release Date: Fri, April 14, 2017 at 12:50 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release collects the remaining sprint contributions, and in particular
contains the move of the downref registry to the datatracker which has been
requested by the IESG. This release also reverts some of the changes made in
6.48.0 with respect to presentation of htmlized drafts and RFCs.

Excerpts from the commit log:

  • Merged in [13181] and [13205] from
    This provides the downref registry work requested in ticket #2069. The
    registry has been imported to the database and can be shown, and entries
    can be added to the registry. Dowref registry tests have been added to
    the last call test case. Fixes issue #2069.

  • Merged in [13212] from
    Fixed an issue in telechat app where ballot positions for WG actions are
    incorrect. Fixes #1336.

  • Merged in [13197] from
    Fixed an issue with bin/merge-person-records when User.last_login == None.
    Fixes #2274.

  • Merged in [13183] from
    Fixed error when selecting a document on the Telechat agenda that does
    not have a writeup. Fixes #2262.

  • Changed the signature of ietf.utils.aliases.dump_sublist() to include a
    list of the alias domains, in order to be able to generate IRTF group
    aliases Updated ietf/bin/generate-...-aliases accordingly.

  • Trying to re-apply already run migrations after loading a new databases
    dump runs into the problem that new tables created by the migrations
    linger, even if the tables loaded from the dump match the non-migrated
    state. Having lists of the tables matching the latest release available
    makes it easy to construct an sql command to dump the extra tables, so the
    migrations can be run. Adding generation and saving of a table list to

  • Reverted the search result rows to the pre-6.48.0 state.

  • Changed some tests to use unicontent(r) instead of r.content, which
    decodes non-ascii content according to the response charset.

  • Added some debug functionality which makes it possible to see from
    where (python source file and line) an SQL query comes when looking at the
    sql query summary available at the bottom of pages in debug mode, on

  • Extended the DRAFT_NAMES_WITH_DOT regexp.

  • Expand the milestone information on the document metainfo tab a bit.

  • Fixed a bug in the json_agenda data, now calculating room midpoints

  • Changed a test case to look at the html being verified, rather than the
    whole page, to avoid test failures due to for instance new menu entries.

  • Getting to the floorplans for a meeting venue required going via the
    agenda, which can take time to load. Escpecially on a handheld device,
    when you want to see where the room of your next session is, it would be
    useful to have a menu entry to go directly to the meeting floor-plans.
    Adding one.