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Summary: Improved Yang validation support
Release Date: Fri, June 16, 2017 at 9:38 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release updates and expands the Yang support in the datatracker. In
addition to checking yang modules in submitted drafts using pyang, it now
also does a yanglint check. The yang validation results are available by
clicking on the red or green yin/yang symbols which show for drafts that
contain yang models.

For drafts where one or more models were found at submission time, the pyang
and yanglint checks are re-run once per day, to catch newly arrived models
in the library directories (both rfc and draft models).

Additional details, from the commit log:

  • Added a new yang checker, yanglint, to the existing Yang checker class,
    in addition to the existing pyang checker.

  • Added modal overlay displays showing the yang check results every place
    the yin/yang symbol is shown (red or green) to indicate the presencee and
    result of yang checks. Added a Yang Validation: line in the document
    meta-information section on the document's page in the datatracker.

  • Added the result of the xym extaction to the yang check results, to make
    extration failures visible.

  • Added the version of the used xym, pyang, and yanglint commands to the
    check results.

  • Added an action to move successfully extracted and validated modules to
    the module library directories immediately on submission.

  • Added the xym repository as an svn:external component, rather than listing
    it in requirements.txt, as there has been delays of many months between
    essential features appearing in the repository, and an actual release of
    same. We may get occasional buildbot failures if broken code is pulled in
    from the repository, but better that than the functionality failure of
    severely outdated componets.

  • Added a new management command to re-run yang validation for active drafts
    for which yang modules were found at submission time, in order to pick up
    imported models which may have arrived in the model libraries after the
    draft's submission. Run daily from bin/daily.

  • Added a table to hold version information for external commands. The yang
    checker output should include the version information of the used
    checkers, but seems unnecessary to run each command with its --version
    switch every time we check a module...

  • Added a new management command to collect version information for external
    commands on demand. To be run daily from bin/daily.

  • Added tests to verify that xym, pyang and yanglint information is
    available on the submission confirmation page, and updated the yang module
    contained in the test document to validate under both pyang and yanglint.

  • Updated and files as needed.