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Release Date: Wed, September 20, 2017 at 9:12 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a bugfix release which also brings in a utility script to add
document object for some old drafts that are currently missing from
the database. Details:

  • Merged in [14138] from
    Added a script to process the id-archive and add Document objects for
    drafts that are currently missing from the datatracker. Fixes #1316.

  • Moved unidecode_name from utils.text to

  • Modified UserFactory to use a new locale for each new user, instead of the
    same locale for a whole test run. This (almost) ensures the exercise of
    code to deal with non-ascii names, something which would not happen if a
    locale with ascii names was chosen at the start of a run.

  • Modified name.initials() to not use non-word characters as initials.

  • Modified unidecode_name() to do more normalization, to conform to the
    conventions used in internet-drafts.

  • Added saving of the factory-boy random state in order to be able to re-run
    a test suite with the same pseudo-random sequence as in a previous failed

  • Fixed an issue with email formatting in test_api_submit_ok().

  • Modified the draft author extraction code to deal better with names with
    embedded apostrophes.

  • Refined a test case which could fail incorrectly when PersonFactory
    produced multiple persons with the same name during a test run, using

  • Added a new TestCase assertion: assertMailboxContains(), to be able to
    better express some test cases.

  • Updated the PLAN