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Summary: Yang resource links on yang draft pages
Release Date: Wed, November 1, 2017 at 1:36 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Drafts containing yang modules now get links pointing to the yang impact
analysis, and to module metadata for each module. Support has been added
for ad-hoc trac instances, permitting automatic maintenance of role-based
admin rights also for other trac instances than the WG, RG, and directorate
wikis. The draft submission automation API description is now referenced
from the draft submission upload page. Additional URLs for drafts are now
sorted, rather than presented in random order. Links pointing from draft
review pages to mailing lists, for the full review text, are now validated
in order to avoid presenting links to unavailable resources. An issue with
parameter expansion in a nomcom template has been fixed, as have various
other issues.

Details from the commit log:

  • Tweaked a page cache time to make newly uploaded session agendas visible
    with less delay.

  • Added a guard against iterating over None in stats.views.document_stats()

  • Added draft URLs pointing to Yang resources (impact analysis and model
    metadata) for submissions containing Yang modules.

  • Changed the submission checkers to return more information in the
    checker details json blob; in particular added information about individual
    extracted code modules associated with a draft. This is used by the yang
    valididty checker to return a list of extracted yang modules.

  • Changed the SubmissionCheck.time field to use a default now value,
    instead of auto_now, to permit migrations without changing the timestamps.

  • Added some more debugging output for occasional author extraction
    failures during test. See also [14226].

  • Added support for ad-hoc trac instances, with arbitrary names and
    filesystem paths, but still bound to a particular group's roles for
    management of trac admin rights.

  • Display document urls in alphabetical order

  • Permit document urls to be up to 512 bytes, rather than the default 200

  • New settings for adhoc wikis and yang document urls

  • Added a mention of the submission automation API on the submission
    upload page.

  • Added cleaning of review_url from the review completion form, to make
    sure it's retrievable.

  • Added some debugging code to help identify random test failures

  • Added a new field Meeting.days to capture the length of a meeting.
    This is necessary now that we have previous meetings officially starting
    Sunday, lasting to Friday, and future meetings starting Saturday, Lasting
    to Friday. We use Meeting.days to calculate Meeting.end_date().
    Meeting.get_ietf_monday() and two cut_off() methods have also been updated
    to be instance methods instead of class methods, and to not assume that a
    meeting starts on Sunday.

  • Updated coverage data

  • Expanded one of the nomcom tests a bit, and updated a fixture to match
    the current /nomcom/default/email/feedback_receipt.txt template.

  • Don't blow up when checking if the logged-in user is a document author,
    if the user doesn't have a person record.