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· 4655 commits to main since this release
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Summary: Per-year RFC feed, IANA yang modules, test improvements
Release Date: Tue, December 5, 2017 at 12:30 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains a number of small tweaks and features, as follows:

  • Merged in [14386] from Added a per-year RFC feed.

  • Changed settings and handling of adhoc wiki paths to be more

  • Changed handling of yang modules from drafts with errors, to not place
    them in separate directories, due to possible follow-on effects. Added
    use of IANA-held modules when validating, and regular rsyncing from IANA.

  • Added better handling for attempted (mistaken) uploads to unscheduled

  • Fixed an incorrect comparison in a check function.

  • Improved code coverage slightly.

  • Made the ballot type representation string more expressive, showing both
    name and doc_type.

  • Added a warning message for the user if ballot creation failed due to an
    already open ballot. This is a bad state, and should prevented by
    stricter checks before changing state, but is better than the current
    situation until we decide exactly which checks to implement.

  • Refactored the handling of BallotDocEvent in tests, only creating them as
    needed, in preparation for stricter checks on state transitions to avoid
    mismatches between state and ballot.

  • Moved the Search mailarchive link on ballot pages to a more visible

  • Merged in [14374] from If draft name has rfcXXXX-bis or
    rfcXXXXbis then add rfcXXXX to diff context menu. Fixes #460 (7 years old