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Summary: Improved NomCom support
Release Date: Tue, January 16, 2018 at 11:32 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release provides a number of enhancements to the NomCom pages, as
well as fixes for a number of reported issues, as follows:

  • Merged in [14518] from
    Added navigation for the nomcom-chair to external tools. Fixes #2258

  • Merged in [14516] from
    Added admin permissions to secretariat group for nomcom objects.

  • Refined the URL patterns and handling of alternative meeting material
    file formats, which were broken by an earlier refactoring (v6.57.0). Fixes
    issue #2436.

  • Changed some URLs to match new locations after the deployment of the
    new IETF website. Fixes issue #2434

  • Merged in [14511] from
    Allow all the nomcom private tabs to show on the nomcom chair
    configuration help page. Fixes #2303.

  • Merged in [14506] from
    Improved the resilience of the formatted_email nomcom filter. Fixes #1764.

  • Merged in [14505] from
    Make extracting lists of nomcom-related email addresses easier for the
    nomcom chair. Fixes #1852.

  • Merged in [14504] from
    Simplified the edit nomcom members forms. Fixes #1756.

  • Updated docker build and config files.

  • Merged in [14497] from
    Added navigation to nomcom pages for nomcom members. Put the RFC
    Status change link in a saner place in the navigation. Fixes #1411 and

  • Excluded some locales from PersonFactory due to difficulties with the
    romanization of the names using our current transliteration library
    (unidecode), in particular in connection with tests doing draft author

  • Removed some dead code.