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Summary: Smart Document URLs
Release Date: Thu, October 22, 2015 at 2:50 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release introduces smart document URLs, which lets you type in partial
(but unique) document names in the browser url fields, and be taken directly
to the matching datatracker document page. As an example, you can type and be taken to the
draft-ietf-core-links-json page. For drafts, you can snip off the document
type prefix, too:

If the partial string supplied matches more than one document, you'll instead
get a search page for that name string.

This works for other document types than drafts, too, but then you need to
have a match at the start of the document name: does what you'd
expect, and so does .

Extensions are split off if supplied, and revisions redirect to the
appropriate historic page.

Details from the commit-log:

  • Enhanced the partial-match URL feature introduced in [10158], merged in
    [10253], so that it now handles other document types than drafts/rfcs if
    the partial string has the proper prefix, and also handles partial strings
    which don't match at the start of the document name.

  • Added a new field prefix to DocTypeName -- unfortunate, but necessary
    since the slugs don't match the document prefixes :-(

  • Merged in [10158] from
    Add a view for /doc/foo-bar-baz that tries to redirect helpfully instead
    of just throwing a 404 in case in an inexact match. Right now, it knows
    how to do prefix matches and handles revisions and extensions. If it can't
    find a unique match, it redirects to the search page. Branch

  • Merged in [10111] from
    This fixes Javascript widgets working with DocAliases, such as the
    replaces field in draft submission, to work better with Javascript
    disabled. It also makes sense from a modelling perspective as the name
    really is a unique key for the alias.