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Release Date: Tue, January 30, 2018 at 8:59 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Non-WG mailing lists index; many authors warning

This release adds a page which lists all advertised IETF mailing lists that
are not WG lists. The draft submission tool now shows a prominent warning
if the number of draft authors exceed 5. Upload of agendas, minutes, and
other meeting materials has been tweaked to accept some files that
previously were (incorrectly) blocked. There are also a number of bugfixes
and a new management command.

From the commit log:

  • Added a page that lists all the advertised non-wg mailing lists, based on
    data fetched from mailman by a cronjob running the import_mailman_listinfo
    managemnt command.

  • Added a workaround for libmagic mislabelling plain text content with a
    line beginning with virtual as text/x-c++.

  • Improved wordwrap on materials document pages.

  • Merged in [14575] from
    Provide authors with a prominent early warning whenever they submit a
    document with more than five authors listed.

  • Added a management command to generate apache Require user ... stanzas
    from group:type:role specifications. This permits automated maintenance
    of role based access permissions, for instance for private IESG, IAOC etc.

  • Merged in [14572] from
    Corrected the filter for closed review requests. Fixes #2152.

  • Removed the possibility of choosing (None) as reviewer from the bulk
    review request edit form; this prevents a crash on line 1474 of
    ietf/group/, in manage_review_request().

  • Only do coverage set/reset operations if we're in test mode. Fixes a 500
    error during draft submission yang checking.