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Summary: IETF 94 Code Sprint
Release Date: Tue, November 3, 2015 at 3:15 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This release contains the datatracker bugfixes and enhancements from the
IETF-94 Code Sprint. This brings many small but useful bugfixes and
enhancements, as described below. Many thanks to everyone who contributed!

This release also brings a change which is not a code change, but rather a
packaging change which has made the question of what the licence is for the
datatracker code more difficult than need be. Starting with this release,
we don't handle version control of the Django framework by including it in
the repository; we instead version control it throug the requirements.txt
file. This lets us be very simple and clear in the LICENSE file which
covers the datatracker code.

There are additional code sprint changes expected during the week; they will
get their own release later in the week.

Here are details about the changes, extracted from the commit log:

  • Added a direct menu link to tutorials under Other. Tweaked a divider

  • Merged in [10363] from
    email_iana needs to leave address generation to mailtrigger and not try
    to rewrap the address. This should be patched into production.

  • Merged in [10349] from
    Fixes Ticket #1834. Sorting slides difficult when there are only two
    of them.

  • Merged in [10348] from
    Add more information to Secretariat session recordings view.

  • Merged in [10347] from
    Allow entering more than one email address in addtional cc on the send
    ballot comments form. Fixes #1811.

  • Merged in [10346] from
    Changes to unapproved milestones (e.g. attaching a draft) will not
    trigger a mail to the WG. Fixes #1818.

  • Fixed an issue with [10344], where the numberless /meeting/agenda/
    would redirect to a non-existing proceedings URL.

  • Fixed a weekday numbering problem in a test.

  • Merged in [10345] from
    Added an RSS feed for RFCs for use with the digital preservation

  • Merged in [10344] from
    Return more sensible results for agendas for old meetings. Fixes #1062.

  • Merged in [10343] from
    Add check to addcomment for WG/RG chair or secretary.

  • Merged in [10342] from
    The session request form validation needs to check that durations have
    been entered for each requested session. Fixes issue #1794.

  • Merged in [10341] from
    WG/RG chairs and secretaries can add comments to document history; get
    non-active I-Ds from instead of Fixes issues
    #1702, #1801, #1831.

  • Merged in [10340] from
    Change liaisons ShowAttachmentsWidget to use href(). Fixes issue #1805.

  • Merged in [10339] from
    Secretariat locked out of Session Request Tool. Fixes Ticket #1791.

  • Merged in [10338] from
    Legacy session scheduling view broken. Fixes Ticket #1806.

  • Removed our local copy of Django, and added it to the requirements
    instead. Updated the LICENSE to match, as we're not carrying along
    external components in the repository any more.

  • Replaced a remaining use of removed function smtp_error_logging().