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Summary: NomCom tool improvements
Release Date: Mon, October 8, 2018 at 1:23 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This is a feature release with only small tweaks, mostly related to the
NomCom tools, but there are also some IESG page, test suite, account, and
utility script improvements,

  • Added pagination to the nomcom pending-feedback page, to reduce load

  • Changed the default sort for nomcom.models.Nominees to be

  • Merged in [15523] from
    Converted the liaisons tests to use factories.

  • Added a --reminder switch to the GDPR request mailer, for repeat

  • Merged in [15522] from
    Made email address read-only in rolodex edit form. Fixes #2602.

  • Prevent issues for logins without Person records by not letting
    Person-less users through login.

  • Added an send_email field to BallotPostitionDocEvent to reflect whether
    the Send email button was used to save the ballot position. Added icons
    on documents' IESG evaluation record to reflect this.

  • Adjusted the test_submit_nonascii_name() to match the output from
    idnits 2.16.0, which emits warnings rather than errors for nonascii content.

  • Built out test_edit_nomcom_view() to also test adding and removing
    reminder dates.

  • Added a form clean() for the reminder dates of the nomcom edit form, to
    make something appropriate out of edits that remove reminder dates, rather
    than clicking delete. This fixes a potential exception, when a blank
    date cannot be saved, and also does what the user expected (deletes a
    blanked date).

  • The nomcom send_reminders command was not being run daily. Fixed that.

  • Fixed a typo in the GDPR consent request email template.

  • Merged in [15492] from
    Use factories for ipr tests.