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Release Date: Mon, January 21, 2019 at 11:49 AM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Modified the rolodex code to make sure we capture information about the
    origin of newly added email addresses. This requires the secretariat to
    be clear about where new email addresses come from, in order to be able to
    remove them if we later receive a GDPR personal data deletion request.

  • In the draft metadata extraction code, moved the future imports down
    so as not to obscure the module docstring. Fixes the earlier inability to
    run $ ietf/utils/ -h.

  • Applied a series of patches for python 3 compatibility from to the draft metadata extraction code:

    • Use a list of dictionary keys. In python3, dict.keys() produces a
      dict_keys object, not a list. Since this code treats it as a list,
      we'll just be explicit about that.

    • Fix regex manipulation for word characters. In python 3.7, re.sub()
      started treating unknown escape sequences in as errors. Fix this by
      sending an escaped \ where we mean to pass it through raw.

    • Use // for explicit integer division. Without this fix, in modern
      versions of python, the changed line produces: TypeError: float'
      object cannot be interpreted as an integer'.

    • Use modern form of exception handling.

    • Use the print function instead of print statement.

  • Added more name normalization for test factory person names.