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Release Date: Wed, March 13, 2019 at 3:09 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Added review and AD emails Reply-To: fields

This release contains another change to email sending, adding a Reply-To
header field for mail sent on behalf of a user, and also contains a number
of other changes and fixes, as follows:

  • Merged in [16022] from Modified IPR Patent number regex
    to allow a new Italian patent number format, IT[15 digits]. Fixes #2694.

  • Reverted earlier application of on_behalf_of() at mail sending call
    points, and instead did all on_behalf_of processing in
    condition_message(). Added insertion of Reply-To header fields in this
    case. Changed all use of the mail-sending extra parameters to use
    value lists. Updated a bunch of tests accordingly.

  • Removed a statement about IETF being an activity of the Internet Society
    from a template file, and tweaked the remaining text.

  • Converted a test to use .assertIn() instead of .assertTrue(... in ...)
    for better failure reports.

  • Tweaked the group_features_group_filter() function.

  • Refactored some templates to reduce materials page permission lookups
    from ~2*#sessions to just a few.

  • Rewrote a function to be more readable and actually do the right thing.
    This moved some filtering from database into code, but it seems
    acceptable here.

  • Transitioned group/ to unicode strings

  • Improved a somewhat misleading UI for adding account email addresses.
    Fixes issue #2692.

  • Changed the on-behalf-of name template from On behalf of ... to '...
    via Datatracker' to make the originator's name come first.

  • Changed ietf/utils/ to use unicode strings, and changed a call in
    ietf/review/ to use unicode for mail Subject, to fix a server 500