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Summary: Code sprint 107.1
Release Date: Thu, May 21, 2020 at 11:11 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

This was an online codesprint, held March 19. Thanks to all who
participated! There were some very good contributions:

The release also contains some commits made just before or after the
code sprint:

  • Added a missing guard against attribute access on None.

  • Changed the nomcom chair help page to show 4-digit years, rather than
    2-digit years in templates and examples.

  • Renamed some view funtions for consistency. Almost all .json enpoints
    were named *_json(), but not all. Fixed in this commit, together with the
    equivalent renaiming for one .ical endpoint.

  • Refined the makeresources management command slightly to improve
    handling of models with names ending in Resource -- tastypie requires the
    resource name to be explicitly set in this case.

  • Updated the NomCom eligibility calculation to use the last 5 in-person
    meetings, in accordance with draft-iesg-nomcom-eligibility-2020-03 which
    has now been approved for publication. The code will need revisiting when
    the long-term policy is available.

  • Merged in a patch from to add caching
    options to docker/run

  • Changed the wording in one place on the NomCom Chair help page so as to be
    in line with menu entry and page title of the NomCom Settings page, based
    on feedback from Barbara Stark.

  • Added a utility script docker/rsync-extras to populate a dev instance with
    drafts, rfcs, slides, etc.