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Release Date: Fri, August 7, 2020 at 3:27 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

Enhancements to upload pages and APIs, new Research Area Groups, better
403 pages, bugfixes.

  • Changed a list of group types in all_meeting_sessions_for_group() to
    instead use group.features.

  • Fixed a bug in determining if the agenda page being rendered belongs to
    the current meeting (which affects caching time).

  • Merged in [18298] from
    Converted IRTF area groups into their own group type rather than
    attempting to overload AG. Fixes #3027.

  • Improved the handling of the meeting materials page if unknown upload
    names without revision numbers are given.

  • Provided a local environment path for pyang, which is installed with pip
    and may not be available globally. Fixes issue #3018.

  • Simplified some recent code a little bit.

  • Added a custom 403 page, extending the datatracker base.html template.

  • Added a utility function around the PermissionDenied exception, in
    order to easily be able to provide relevant information to the 403 template.

  • Based on feedback from the Secretariat, changed the 404 for IPR
    declarations in other states than posted to a 403 with a login link.

  • Added a missing 404 response

  • Converted many cases of plain-text 403 messages to use a properly styled
    page instead of a text/plain message; adding a login link when
    appropriate. Also changed some API endpoint 400 responses to a more
    correct 403.

  • Changed a list of tuples so as to always make them sortable. This fixes
    an issue with bluesheet uploads for groups like ietf that could have
    multiple sessions starting at the same time.

  • Changed mm_hourly to run the mailman cronjobs under Py27 until mailman has
    been upgraded to version 3.x (running under Py3).

  • Changed to using a template to generate bluesheets, and added a count of
    participants at the top.