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Summary: IETF Agenda page improvements for small devices, bugfixes
Release Date: Thu, August 27, 2020 at 9:38 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Updated the instructions for how to expand a vocabulary v3 file to
    standalone (by using --expand with xml2rfc)

  • Updated the IETF meeting agenda rendering so as to show the session links
    to materials, meetecho, jabber, notepad etc. also for narrov-screen
    devices such as phones, based on code from Also moved
    some template code doing markup tweaking of the room name to a TimeSlot
    method, and factored out session start- and end-time display, repeated in
    4 locations, to a template snipped. Added a new CSS class which provides
    less padding at the sides of pages on narrow devices.

  • Merged in [18326] from
    Updated bootstrap to 3.4.1

  • Merged in [18357] from
    Show a link to a drafts group page on the draft info page for all group
    types when the draft has a group. Fixes #3061.

  • Added a patch for tastypie under django 2.2, to catch field error
    exceptions that were handled differently under earlier django versions.

  • Changed the maybe_patch_libraries() check action to emit 'patched now,
    restart needed' errors in test or development, but not in production, where
    we don't care if the patches were applied earlier or just now.

  • Changed the week_view() function to calculate a
    first_regular_session_time also when the meeting has not been populated
    with any sessions, by using the as a proxy value.

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent error messages from docutils from
    propagating to the end user when editing RST templates.

  • Made a template filter more robust when given unexpected input.

  • Fixed an issue with the generated tag and target URL for versioned bibxml
    entries under /doc/bibxml3 for drafts that have been published as RFC.

  • Added html.escape() in a test case in order to correctly handle
    affiliation names with ampersands.

  • Merged in [18371] from
    Track slide submissions even after acceptance or rejection.
    Fixes issue #2835.

  • Fixed an issue with the target URL for versioned bibxml entries under
    /doc/bibxml3 for drafts that have been published as RFC.

  • Changed the nomcom template editing forms to use a monospaced font for
    the template text (recommended for RST templates).

  • Added a link to the group page from the year label on the nomcom index