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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 1539 commits to main since this release
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Release Date: Wed, September 2, 2020 at 8:54 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Fixed an issue in the auth48 state_alert_badge() template filter, which
    could arise for a document where a get_state() call returns None.

  • Added exception catching around an urlreverse that might fail.
    (Enumerating valid group types will also work, but can get out of sync, so
    this is more DRY).

  • Renamed the AUTH48 state_alert_badge() filter to auth48_alert_badge(),
    as the filter is specific to auth48, not generic.

  • Added an xml_version field to Submission objects, to capture the schema
    version of submitted XML files (if any). Related to issue #3067.

  • Added links to v3 HTML output for v3 draft submissions.
    Fixes issue #3067.

  • Adjusted the horizontal placement of [New] labels in search results,
    aligning them on a vertical line for a neater look.

  • Updated the bluesheet submission API tests slightly, to verify correct
    handling of bluesheet updates.

  • Merged in [18373] from
    Filter out reviewers who have rejected reviewing this document in the
    past from the list of suggested reviewers. Fixes #2996.

  • Merged in [18378] from
    Improved the classification of some github related external resources.
    Tightened validation of new resource values.

  • Added an admin page search field and tweaked the list display for the
    DocAlias admin page.

  • Merged in [18103] from
    Prefetch a couple of things in the agenda view to reduce the number of
    queries for IETF 106 from about 3800 to about 235.

  • Merged in [18414] from
    Compute session order from available data instead of going through the
    database again (saves ~2800 queries on the IETF 106 agenda page)

  • Merged in [18425] from
    Made the IPR search form initialize the state field upon form
    initialization instead of evaluating the queryset upon importing the
    module. This is probably never a problem in practice in this case in
    the live environment, but it's a confusing practice, and when running
    the tests sometimes a bug seems to throw Django off and the error is
    then shadowed by Django crashing when trying to access the
    (non-existing) database.

  • Merged in [18445] from
    Provided a management command to inform github backups.

  • Merged in [18446] from
    Removed a reference to old style exception attribute message.