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Summary: Photo URL support for OpenID profiles
Release Date: Sun, September 13, 2020 at 12:33 PM UTC
Release Author: Henrik Levkowetz

  • Added an assertion to catch an unexpected document state (no IESG-state
    set). Updated the log.assertion() function to accept a "note" argument,
    for more informative assertion messages.

  • Fixed a bad membership test.

  • Updated the decrypt() templatetag to ensure it returns (unicode) strings
    rather than bytes.

  • Added a view to retrieve profile photos, in order to support Meetecho's
    need for such, at /person/{email}/photo. The default is to supply images
    with 80px width. Image scaling is available using the same query argument
    as for Gravatar: ?size=200 or ?s=200 for 200-pixel wide images, for

  • OpenID already has a photo URL as part of the profile scope. Added the
    datatracker photo url to the returned OpenID profile scope information
    when a profile photo is available.

  • Updated coverage data and tweaked an OpenIDtest and a scope description.

  • Added a datatracker version endpoint /api/version. Fixes issue #3077.

  • Added documentation of the OpenID Connect and version endpoints to
    /api/. Added some tests.