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Summary: Timezone tools on agenda page, other enhancements
Release Date: Mon, February 1, 2021 at 4:23 PM UTC
Release Author: Robert Sparks

  • Merged in [18712] from
    Add timezone support to agenda weekview; display UTC on UTC agenda
    page. Fixes #3111.

  • Merged in [18689] from
    New version of the timezone support for agenda. Now the ongoing
    bars work. This also moves the javascript from the agenda.html
    to separate timezone.js file. This commit does not include the
    moment and moment-timezone javascript libraries that are
    needed to get this working, they need to be added to
    ietf/externals/static separately.

  • Add a more granular setting for enabling extra debugging on the agenda
    page. Commit ready for merge.

  • Merged in [18803] from
    Integrate week-view timezone handling with changes to main agenda page.

  • recursively create place to stage mail from mkrelease. Remove
    toolsfeed/toolspush from mkrelease.

  • Allow setuptools to progress past py27

  • Merged in [18782] from
    Remove HistoricalGroupFeatures. Fixes #3152.

  • Merged in [18791] from
    Allow ballot text to be edited after the ballot is approved. Fixes
    #3157. Related to #3119.

  • Merged in [18798] from
    Improve handling of submissions for closed working groups. Fixes #3058.

  • Merged in [18808] from
    Tweaked schedule editor colors to match preferences chosen by Liz.
    Added coloration for sessions having the IAB as a parent.