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Release Date: Thu, February 18, 2021 at 4:57 PM UTC
Release Author: Robert Sparks

IESG Who has the action, bugfixes

  • Bump the required setuptools to at least the 51 releases to avoid
    issues with some python3.6 -mvenv installed setuptools.

  • Enable two tests that were not running because of typos in the test
    name. Thanks to Jennifer for spotting the typos.

  • Merged in [18821] from
    Add proper folding for static content in the DESCRIPTION in the
    important-dates ics feed. Remove important-dates from the upcoming meetings

  • Hold Unidecode before 1.2.0 for awhile before adjusting patch to match

  • Merged in [18828] from
    Use Roles instead of dedicated model for liaison statement group
    contacts. Fixes #3100.

  • Merged in [18829] from
    Allow assignment of Person as action holder for a Doc, plus
    rudimentary automation of assignment. Fixes #3146.

  • Merged in [18833] from
    Refactor reviewer queue policy handling of skip setting. Fixes #3038.