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Summary: Show full document by default, email aliases for programs and review teams, bugfixes and enhancements
Release Date: Thu, April 15, 2021 at 2:53 PM UTC
Release Author: Robert Sparks

  • Remove the check for activate_this from since modern venv
    doesn't provide that script. Change the logging to always log when starting
    a wsgi instance.

  • Merged in [18900] from
    Tweaks to dockerfile to avoid rust compiler issues.

  • Merged in [18901] from
    Make mail aliases for review teams and IAB programs. Fixes #3210

  • Merged in [18904] from
    Corrected template to remove spurious No Documents Match warning. Fixes

  • Merged in [18905] from
    Point bibxml3 to I-D archive so that all version numbers are handled
    properly, and perform more robust revision suffix cleanup. Fixes #3188.

  • Merged in [18906] from
    Provide bibxml test for drafts that end in a hyphen and a digit.

  • Merged in [18909] from
    Log Unicode exception instead of printing them to the console when they
    occur building the email alias files.

  • Merged in [18911] from
    Adjusted ballot email text. Fixes #3208.

  • Merged in [18913] from
    Convert generate-draft-aliaes and generate-wg-aliases into management
    commands: generate_draft_aliases and generate_group_aliases. Also provide
    tests for the new management commands.

  • Merged in [18914] from
    Update the submission instructions to encourage submission of v3 xml.
    Fixes #3232.

  • Merged in [18927] from
    Drop parent group filter keyword from special group agenda items. Fixes

  • Merged in [18928] from
    Simplify javascript on the htmlized document pages.

  • Merged in [18936] from
    Retain strict acronym validation, specifically disallowing hyphens, for
    new groups of types that create documents, while allowing existing groups
    and new non-document-creating groups to validate when they contain hyphens.
    Fixes #3236.

  • Merged in [18937] from
    Change the default behavior of a document's main page to show the
    full document content. Users can still control whether the full
    page is shown on a particular document by adding either
    ?include_text=0 or ?include_text=1 to the url. Users can also use
    the settings page at /account/settings to override the default
    behavior for all documents. Fixes #3252.

  • Merged in [18938] from
    Redirect requests for htmlized bcp or std subseries elements to the
    relevant rfc-editor info page. Fixes #3233.

  • Merged in [18939] from
    Consolidate repeated searchable field code into SearchableField class.
    Fix single-valued searchable fields. Make javascript test config reusable.
    Use Django for JS/CSS inclusion. Fixes #3196, #3204.

  • Merged in [18940] from
    Hide agenda timeslot label rows when all their sessions are hidden.
    Fixes #3249.

  • Merged in [18941] from
    Add purge_old_personal_api_key_events management command. Fixes #3144.