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@NGPixel NGPixel released this
· 1278 commits to main since this release

Summary: Codesprint 110.1, bugfixes
Release Date: Sun, June 6, 2021 at 2:56 PM UTC
Release Author: Robert Sparks

  • Merged in [18993] from
    Add aliases for RGs in and IAB programs in Fixes

  • Merged in [19022] from
    Add test for creation of RG Chairs in the domain.

  • Many adjustments to point to the new svn/trac repository locations.

  • Merged in [19035] from
    Change PERSON_API_KEY_VALUE for mail archive lookups.
    Change /api/v2/person/person to ROBOT to prepare for switching from
    personal api key to robot, mail-archive api key. Once in place,
    generate new key for this endpoint and install.

  • Tweaked results of r19035/r19059 to allow for a better transition
    post release.

  • Merged in [19028] from
    Accept None when updating DocumentAuthor affiliation / country.

  • Merged in [19030] from
    First swipe at making past sessions unchangable for official schedules
    This change locks down the schedule of any meeting that is fully in the
    past. It leaves open sessions that have finished for meetings that have
    not yet finished.
    Addresses (partially) issue #3166.

  • Merged in [19033] from
    Add PersonalApiKeyEvent purge to bin/daily.

  • Merged in [19048] from
    Remove generate-wg-aliases and generate-draft-aliases scripts. They
    were replaced with management commands.

  • Merged in [19052] from
    Allow IAB Programs to be listed in meeting request conflicts. Fixes

  • Merged in [19054] from
    Fix error on Telechat doc detail page when conflict review doc has no
    ballot. Fixes #3245.

  • Merged in [19055] from
    Redirect to materials page for attempts to see proceedings for meetings
    that do not yet have schedules. Fixes #3294.

  • Merged in [19056], [19057], and [19058] from\n
    Captured the svn hooks used after moving the repository. Fixes #3297.

  • Merged in [19071] from
    Update the mkdevbranch script for new Trac location, don't clobber
    existing paths
    The script has been cleaned up, adjusted to avoid clobbering an SVN path
    that already exists when running it for a single sprinter login, and run
    with the new locations for the Trac system.
    This is a decently huge rewrite of the script. It's pulled a lot of logic
    into functions, excised the python code into its own file, etc.

  • Merged in [19073] from
    Handle groups without area when sorting unscheduled sessions in
    schedule editor. Fixes #3173.

  • Merged in [19075] from
    Clean up handling of non-WG groups on the group edit page; restrict
    parent/child group relationships by type. Fixes #3253.

  • Merged in [19074] from
    Adds new filtering tags for sessions which have multiple sessions.
    I.e., in addition to wg,area,type there is wg-sessa, wg-sessb or wg-sessc
    etc on the tags, so now you can filter either all wg sessions or only
    specific sessions. Also removes the unused session.order_number, but not
    yet the session.order_in_meeting() function (which I think is unused too).

  • Merged in [19081] from
    Added IESG document state to review request information. Fixes #3235.

  • Merged in [19083] from
    Fix renamed field in group migrations 0043 and 0044. Fixes error in