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This app can add custom context menu for windows11

The custom menus use json files and stored in app's localdata folder

Manager UI

Left panel: Menu List

  • add button: add a menu
  • refresh button: refresh menus
  • open folder button: open menu files folder
  • cache button: build and clean cache button

Right Panel: Menu Details

  • save button: save menu
  • delete button: delete menu
  • open file button: open menu config file
  • setting button: set custom menu title

As shown in the picture, it adds a menu: Open the file with Notepad


 {path} absolute address of the right-clicked file or folder   
 {name} file name (version>=   
 {parent} file parent(version>=

If the path has spaces
Generally, use "{path}"
But if the parameter needs to contain quotation marks, then use \"{path}\"

Other special needs can be tested by yourself

Menu Name

The name displayed in the windows context menu

Menu Order

For menu sorting, you can configure the appropriate value for each menu

Menu Icon

  • use icon from exe or dll

"C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe",0


note: change a folder icon and open desktop.ini(hidden) in the folder to find the index number

  • use icon file


Match File

check checkbox and set extensions to match


  • match file extensions
.apk .apkx .mapk
  • match all

Match Folder

show the menu when selecting a folder

check checkbox to match

Multiple Files

Two modes are supported

  • EACH execute [exe] on each path_
  • JOIN execute [exe] only once_

When [Multiple Files] is turned on, extension matching and folder matching are ignored

Multiple Files EACH Mode

For each file,pass [param] to [exe], same as single file

Multiple Files JOIN Mode

All paths will be connected according to the configuration,then as {path}

Path delimiter

If 2 files are selected: path1.txt path2.txt

delimiter: ,
result path: "path1","path2" 

note: Every path will be surrounded by quotes


When multiple files are selected, the [Param] may be different
so, the [Param] can be overwritten here


single file: "{path}"
multiple files: {path}


add files to 7z archive

"C:\\Program Files\\7-Zip\\7zG.exe"

a -ad "{parent}\{name}.7z"   "{path}"

[Multiple Files] Match Multiple Files:

[Multiple Files] Path Delimiter: (space!!!)
[Multiple Files] Param:
a -ad "{parent}\files.7z" {path}

about path in Param

First of all, when the path contains spaces,7z requires quoted path

When only one file is selected, by default, the path will not be quoted, we must add quotes manually
Param: "{path}"

When multiple files are selected, quotes are added to each path by default, we don't need to add quotes manually, we must override the [Param]
[Multiple Files] Param: {path}

Menu Cache

cache is used to reduce the slow loading caused by file io ?: see tip and cache time

Debug Helper

use customeContextMenuDebug.exe to show param
see json:

More Menu samples

Menu Config File Sample

    "title":"open with 7zFM",
    "exe":"\"C:\\Program Files\\7-Zip\\7zFM.exe\"",
    "icon":"\"C:\\Program Files\\7-Zip\\7zFM.exe\",0",
    "acceptExts":".zip .7z .rar .exe .iso",
    "acceptDirectory": false

Menu Config Files Folder


If you need to back up, just copy all the files here to a safe folder.