The Microsoft AdventureWorks database as a fact-based model in CQL and ORM
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OLTP Added original schemas and test data, as well as some more generated … May 24, 2016

AdventureWorks Fact-Based examples

This repository showcases Infinuendo technologies applied to the well-known AdventureWorks example database designs published by Microsoft. The original files are published at and are subject to the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL)


  • OLTP

    Online (normalised) versions of the database.

    • Original

    This directory contains a UTF-8 version of the original AdventureWorks 2008 OLTP schema as published at the above URL. The test data CSV files have been pushed down into the TestData subdirectory. Microsoft's schema diagrams are also republished.

    • New ER Schema diagrams for the original

    An alternate set of three schema diagrams for the original database, printable on A4 paper.

    • Database generated from the CQL version

    The file AdventureWorks.sql contains SQL for an operational (OLTP) schema, generated from the CQL using the ActiveFacts schema_compositor.

  • CQL

    The AdventureWorks schema reverse-engineered into the Constellation Query Language. This version can be processed using the [ActiveFacts]:( compiler and code generators afgen and schema_compositor.

    Colorized CQL makes it even easier to read.

    A browsable business glossary was generated from the CQL.

    This version does not contain the CQL for the seven XML document types, reverse-engineered from the XSD files that are embedded in the original schema - however this is also a logical part of such a reverse engineering exercise.

  • ORM2

    The AdventureWorks schema reverse-engineered as an Object Role Model. This schema is largely congruent with the CQL version, with the exception of using a different data type system. The NORMA source file is also available. Tasks in the Rakefile assist in detecting differences from the CQL version.

  • DataVault

    Data warehouses constructed using the Data Vault design approach of Dan Linstedt.

    • Dan's original Data Vault version

    Dan's original blog post and files are republished, because the originals can be hard to find. His schema diagram is included.

    • Hans Geurtsen's revision

    The original version was produced by a code generator that has some errors in the SQL Server version. These errors were corrected in a blog post by Hans Geurtsen, of which an English version is here courtesy of Google Translate.

    • Data Vault schema generated from CQL

    The file AdventureWorks.dv.sql contains SQL for a data vault schema, generated from the CQL using the ActiveFacts schema_compositor.

    This version is substantially similar to Dan Linstedt's version, but does not have the small errors that creep in whenever a human is "in the loop". This demonstrates the advantages of the machine-generated approach.